Welcome to Coronado Children’s Center.  We are a professional day care and learning center that has been in operation since 1990.



The primary goal of Coronado Children’s Center has always been to provide high quality childcare service for our community.  The constant pursuit of that goal has resulted in a program that exceeds the New Mexico State requirements for licensing with a curriculum and staff that meets the requirements for accreditation.



Children, especially infants and toddlers, need to develop warm, supportive relationships with adults who are responsive to their individual needs.  Children develop and learn in an environment that is appropriate for their individual abilities, age, culture, and language.  Infants and toddlers learn primarily by using their senses and by actively using their bodies to discover and experiment.  Preschool children learn best through concrete, hands-on experiences with objects, their environment, and people.  This means that play is the main way young children form a solid foundation for later school success.  They need many opportunities to explore, to think, to reason, to problem solve, and to question.


We want to provide all of the children in our center, a clean, safe, comfortable, loving environment where they can play and learn. We believe in the value of both structured and flexible schedules.  Structured activities will include a preschool curriculum, regular reading times, arts and crafts, and musical activities.  Flexible activities will include outdoor play and free play.  The most important priority is to have fun.  Please don’t expect our environment or your child to be perfectly clean at pickup time.  We do lots of activities that are messy and will do our best to maintain cleanliness and order, but fun and the well being of the children will always take precedence over cleaning.



The mission of Coronado Children’s Center is to provide high quality childcare in a clean, safe, loving, and learning environment.  The Center is dedicated to encouraging your child to be appropriately challenged towards developing their individual learning awareness.


Accreditation and Licensing:

Coronado Children’s Center is proud to be nationally accredited through the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (necpa).  The Center also complies with all New Mexico rules and regulations governing childcare facilities and is licensed by the New Mexico Children Youth and Family Department.  We are licensed to provide service for 100 children over the age of 2, we no longer accept children under the age of 2.